13 Jun 2017 06:09:35 PM

Indonesia internship experience for Malaysian youth

On 12 June, TalentCorp paved the way for Malaysian undergraduates to undertake their internship at Indonesian companies after signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KADIN) to promote and implement the MyASEAN Internship programme in both Malaysia and Indonesia. The collaboration is part of ongoing efforts to increase the awareness of ASEAN and the ASEAN Economic Community among youth from the two countries.

The MoU also allows Indonesian graduates to gain access to Malaysian companies. With talent mobility becoming an increasingly important component of the modern workforce, the partnership between the two entities will open up the possibility for ASEAN students from both countries to become global citizens through a regional internship experience.
Addressing Malaysia and ASEAN’s Need for an Emerging and Robust Workforce
The partnership between TalentCorp and KADIN will increase opportunities for future MyASEAN interns from Malaysia and Indonesia to experience work placements in both nations and help address the workforce gap among skilled young talent in ASEAN. As Malaysia’s workforce continues to grow in line with global trends, the country increasingly needs talent with a regional, if not global mindset, in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Minister of International Trade and Industry, YB Dato’ Sri Mustapa Mohammed, witness to the MoU signing, explained that the MyASEAN Internship programme has proven to open doors and experiences for top young talent in the region while boosting a sense of mutual understanding and ASEAN ‘citizenship’ among its interns.
The programme also allows employers to tap into a young and high calibre talent pool that understands ASEAN. This talent pipeline is critical for companies that are looking to accelerate their growth across this region.”
Meanwhile, TalentCorp CEO, Shareen Shariza Dato’ Abdul Ghani, noted that the MoU marks a great head start for top Malaysian and Indonesian students to build international careers on top of completing their industrial training. 
The movement of talent adds richness and diversity in experiences to a company’s and country’s workforce. MyASEAN interns will have the opportunity to develop new skill sets required by leading industries while experiencing the work culture in different parts of ASEAN.”
Through the MoU, future MyASEAN interns will gain access to more than 10,000 companies represented by 33 KADIN Daerah (regional chambers) and 440 district branches.

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