07 Mar 2016 03:30:31 PM

Women should go back to work, says this mother of 3

After the birth of her third child, Kala Govinathan left the workforce to spend quality time with her children. Nine months later, as her family’s financial burden increased, Kala returned to work to help support her family. Today, Kala is a Front Desk and Administrative staff for the HR Division of Talent Management with Colgate-Palmolive, and is grateful to have found a job in an organisation that has supportive family-friendly policies.

When she first decided to return to work, Kala discovered that her time away from the office had dulled her interview and résumé writing skills. Under TalentCorp’s Career Comeback programme where she was coached in her résumé writing and interview skills, she eventually secured her current position. But as with all working mothers who returned to work after a long break, she found that juggling a full time desk job and a full time role as a mother of three young children was no walk in the park. 

“I had limited time for myself so I soon learnt that time management was very important as I had to make arrangements for my children, and other daily chores besides my work,” said Kala, in an interview with TalentCorp about her successful career comeback. 

Fortunately for Kala, Colgate-Palmolive was sympathetic towards her situation and provided flexible work arrangements to allow her more freedom to care for her children while delivering the requirements of her new job. Kala credits her understanding superior for her ability to balance both family and work as not only is she able to leave the office on time in order to fetch her kids from school, she could even occasionally leave earlier to tend to family matters.

“I ensure that I give 100 percent to the workplace so that after work, I can focus 100 percent on my family. I spend quality time with my children every night on weekdays,” she added.  
I would definitely encourage (women) to come back to work. Not only because of the money; it's for the knowledge and also gives (one) the strength to live life to the fullest.”
“In my opinion, life with work and family is a balanced life for a woman. A woman gains knowledge and ensures she stays updated with current issues and the latest developments in technology when she is actively working,” she mused. 

Even though it was tough in the beginning, Kala appears visibly happy and satisfied with her decision to make her career comeback. As she firmly puts it, “As time passed I got used to my new routine. Now I feel a lot more organised and confident.”


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