08 Mar 2018 01:10:53 PM

TalentCorp partners with iflix to get career comeback women on the right track

Career Comeback Workshop participants with the TalentCorp and iflix Malaysia team.
Jumping back into the workforce after taking a career break can be a daunting experience. Women who are career comeback hopefuls can feel intimidated by the ever-increasing speed of technology growth and development across all sectors. It is difficult to stay in touch with the industry while on a career break and it can prove to be even more challenging to find the information you need to bring yourself up to speed when you choose to re-launch your career.
With this in mind, we launched TalentCorp's Career Comeback Workshop 2018, a half-day workshop series running throughout the year to help start off women looking to make their Career Comeback on the right foot. For the first instalment of this workshop series, we partnered with iflix Malaysia.
Yannick Safflian, iflix Global Talent Acquisition Specialist giving the ladies pro-tips on how to craft CVs that catch recruiter's eyes.
Held at the iflix Playground, TalentCorp hosted over a dozen women from a diverse spread of career backgrounds, all who had chosen to take a career break for various reasons. Amongst the participants were women from engineering, IT, and marketing fields with over 6 - 12 years of experience looking to make their Career Comeback.
The event started off with a CV clinic, which aimed to provide the ladies a fresh look at crafting their CVs for the job they desired. iflix Global Talent Acquisition Specialist Yannick Safflian shared with the women on what employers look for in a resume and how they can enhance their CV to meet these expectations. Covering all bases, the team at iflix Malaysia also highlighted the importance of having an online presence in this increasingly digital age.
Participant sharing what she's learnt from her session with iflix Malaysia Talent Acquisition Resourcer, Natalia Harris Thang.
To help the women tackle their digital presence, the workshop included a LinkedIn 101 session specially conducted by Natalia Harris Thang, Talent Acquisition Resourcer at iflix Malaysia. The women learned the basics of how recruiters use Boolean search tools to look for potential employees and how they can utilise certain keywords in their LinkedIn profiles to their advantage. Natalia shared with the career comeback hopefuls that
LinkedIn is a platform for professional social networking. Therefore, it's great to create a more personalised LinkedIn profile so that it looks interesting.”
Participants learning the ins and outs of social media and how they can use it to their advantage.
Other than going through the ways the women can optimise their visibility during the job application process, iflix recruiter Daniel Ward conducted a session on interview tips and tricks for when their CV has piqued the interest of recruiters.

The secret to a good interview? Confidence is key.

Daniel shared that during the interview, it helps to even put in a line or two that makes yourself more interesting to the recruiter. For example, he advised on finding out who you are chatting with on Facebook or LinkedIn, and to try and slide that into the interview discussion. As a parting word and final advice, Daniel said
Never lose hope. Always do your research and find out more on the employer to show you are interested to work for the company.”

The women who attended TalentCorp’s Career Comeback Workshop 2018 returned home with a fresh outlook on how they can make their comeback into the workforce an impactful one. If you’re looking to re-join the workforce after taking a career break, drop off your CV here and we’ll help connect you to employers as well as keep you up to date on future Career Comeback Workshops.