01 Nov 2018 02:51:37 PM

Choose faith over fear in your career comeback

TalentCorp partnered with Coca-Cola Bottlers in the fourth Career Comeback Workshop for 2018. There, 15 women learned about managing their careers and getting back to the job market from the experiences of a few Coca-Cola female executives.
It's a wrap! The Career Comeback Workshop participants at the end of the session.

The fourth Career Comeback workshop this year was held in cooperation with Coca-Cola Bottlers in Bandar Baru Enstek, Negeri Sembilan, on October 12. Fifteen women participated in the half-day workshop, which had the theme “Faith over Fear”. 

During a one-hour panel session, several executives from Coca-Cola Bottlers shared their insights and experiences with the participants.

The Head of Public Affairs & Communications Coca-Cola Malaysia and Singapore, who was the moderator of the discussion, said that returning to the workforce can be a very intimidating experience for some women. She urged women not to be afraid to seek support. The workshop, she said, is a form of support. 

Wan Mariah Abu Hassan, Head of Organisational and Learning Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, said that she went through many obstacles in her career. She had to leave her family as she had to be stationed in Vietnam for two years and overcome her fears so that she could achieve her dreams. 

“Don’t be afraid of obstacles and challenges; you must be brave enough to overcome them,” she said.
Don’t be afraid of obstacles and challenges; you must be brave enough to overcome them.
ASEAN Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability Director Belinda Ford, who spoke about building one’s self-confidence, once took a sabbatical to be with her family as she studied for her MBA. 

“Be actively involved in other activities when you are out of the workforce,” she said to the participants. 

Brenda also shared her struggles of living in a different country with no support system and only being able to lean on her husband. She also spoke about her experiences as a mother with a busy career. 

At one point, she and her husband were even meeting at airports to hand each other notes about their children’s activities!

But you have to do what you have to do because that’s what you have chosen, so don’t feel guilty doing it, she said. 
The participants listening intently during a sharing session.

Sr Logistic Manager, Emmy Gantam, said that she began her career as an Administrative Assistant. However, she thrived on learning new things and began to climb the corporate ladder. Although she’s currently in a field dominated by men, that has never stopped her from getting to where she is now. 

She lives by the motto of “Do something every day that your future self will be proud of”.
The one-hour panel session ended with a question and answer session. One of the participants asked, “How do I overcome the stigma of being a traditional wife and mother?” 

The key is a strong support system and to brush away the thought (that you can’t) because you are your worst enemy, she was told.

The participants were also advised to not bargain for flexible hours during a job interview. Instead, it’s best to show one’s capability and strengths on the job first. They can ask for some flexibility after they have proven themselves at the job.

The workshop ended with the participants being brought around the Coca-Cola Bottlers factory for a tour.

The participants left the workshop with this message: Keep fear out of the way and give yourself a chance to shine during job interviews.  
 Keep fear out of the way and give yourself a chance to shine during job interviews.  

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