23 Dec 2020 04:49:26 PM

4 Ways to Prepare for Your Career Comeback in the New Normal

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4 ways you to prepare for your career comeback.
Did you know that Malaysia’s income could potentially increase by 26% if we close the gender gap in the workforce?*

For many women, it’s not easy to return to work after taking a career break. Even with years of professional experience, these women still face challenges and hidden pressure when it’s time for them to re-join the workforce. Many feel that they can’t compete and worry they’ve been out of touch with their professional network and industry trends. 

That’s why we expanded on our Career Comeback Programme (CCP) to ease these women’s journey back-to-work with workshops and networking sessions, aimed at boosting their confidence and equipping them with the knowledge of the upcoming in-demand skills. 

This year, our Malaysian Professional Talent (MPT) team organised a series of webinars jam-packed with professional tips and career insights, provided free for Malaysian women career comeback hopefuls. 

We picked our 4 favourite tips from our webinars on how to prepare for a triumphant journey back to work.

LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool which you can use to your advantage. Screenshots from TalentCorp’s Career Comeback Programme webinars.

Recruiters have long used on-line platforms such as LinkedIn to source for potential candidates, more so during the on-going COVID-19 global pandemic. It’s always the right time to start standing out among your peers and boost your visibility by giving your on-line presence an upgrade. Remember to highlight your work experience in an engaging way for recruiters skills, recommendations and summary on your profile; a basic update will give you that slight advantage, where recruiters will better know your professional self. 

LinkedIn also has a large community, so be sure to take advantage of its networking features by joining and participating in relevant professional groups.

The first thing to sell is your expertise.

The pandemic has changed the way we work and communicate, where most networking and interview sessions are now conducted virtually. For many prospective jobseekers, trying to make a pitch via on-line platforms such as Zoom, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams can feel a bit intimidating. 

To boost your confidence before your virtual session, be sure to prepare your professional pitch ahead of time. Your pitch should be short, quick and impactful. 

Don’t forget to highlight your skills and strengths to promote yourself in the conversation. Keep it simple by asking yourself these 3 questions:

• Who are you and what do you do? 
• What are you good at?
• What are you looking for?

Strategies to reset your mindset.

Feeling nervous about returning to work after a career break? Don’t worry, it’s absolutely normal! Our participants shared that they were crippled by anxiety, out of fear that their skills and knowledge may no longer be relevant in the industry. 

One of the ways to boost your self-confidence is by resetting your mindset. Here’s how: 

• Speak words of affirmation dedicated to yourself. Highlight your strengths, unique personality and values. 
• Have a goal in mind. Visualise your current path, and what it will take to reach your destination. 
• Be curious and be open to learning new skills, perspective, and knowledge.

The ability to reset the way you think will allow you to shift negative thoughts to positive ones, eventually enabling you to gain confidence and feel optimistic.

Your decisions to reskill and upskill should be based on research and current trends.

Fact: Employers are no longer preparing for the future of work, because we are living in it. It’s a VUCA world – volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. If you’re serious about making your career comeback, it’s essential for you to be agile to the demands of the job market. Stay relevant by keeping informed of the latest trends in your industries, and be open to lifelong learning through upskilling and reskilling programmes. Picking up the most in-demand skills will boost your employability and improve your resume.


* “Breaking Barriers: Toward Better Economic Opportunities for Women in Malaysia”, World Bank (September 2019) 

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