26 Jun 2019 03:10:25 PM

Work-life practices keep IX Telecom employees happy

EMPLOYEES at IX Telecom are officially some of the luckiest employees in Malaysia.

Their workspace comes equipped with gym equipment, golf putting areas, table tennis, and even an area with musical instruments perfect for a jam session after work.

IX Telecom’s office has lounge areas complete with bean bags so staff can take a quick break from the grind. — Picture courtesy of Ix Telecom

The option for staff to bring their child with them to the office also allows busy parents to integrate family life seamlessly with work.

It’s all part of IX Telecom’s commitment to Work-Life Practices (WLPs), an initiative aimed at looking after employee wellness which can help increase productivity and talent retention in a company.

By putting the wellbeing of their staff first, IX Telecom came out on top at the Life At Work Awards 2018 in the Best Small and Medium Organisation category.

Some common examples of WLPs include flexible work arrangements, work-life benefits like childcare subsidies, extended maternity leave, and study leave, as well as family-friendly facilities to ease the burden of working parents.

Sales support manager Julia Alvita Jannete Legi said that incorporating such practices helps employees achieve a balance between work and their personal lives.

By looking after their employees in such a way, companies can reap several benefits such as a boost in employee productivity and wellbeing, she added.


Employees can indulge in some recreational fun with musical instruments at the office. — Picture courtesy of Ix Telecom

Copywriter Huda Bahrudin added that WLPs helps attract a diverse pool of talent to an organisation by accommodating the different needs of each employee.

“It is a stronger way to reinforce inclusivity and accessibility in the workplace, and also with the concept of openness among the employees.

“As a part-timer, although my circumstances differ, we have the same benefits as the permanent staff,” she said.

“Most of the benefits that I have is with the flexible hours.”

“To implement WLPs, it will take time for your people to adapt to the new culture. Along the way, I’m sure it will give a positive impact to the organisation,”

The company also conducts a blind screening of applicants to ensure that all workers are hired through value-based recruitment without discrimination.

IX Telecom’s chief executive officer Noor Mohd Helmi Nong Hadzmi, who also won CEO Champion at the LIFE AT WORK Awards 2018, hopes that the added perks will attract many young Malaysians to join them.

“To implement WLPs, it will take time for your people to adapt to the new culture. Along the way, I’m sure it will give a positive impact to the organisation,” he said.

“We are promoting WLPs and FWAs to attract talent to join us, especially the new generation.”

* IX Telecom won for Best Small and Medium Organisation and CEO Champion at TalentCorp’s Life At Work Awards 2018. Submissions for Life At Work Awards 2019 are now open until July 5, 2019. For more information, visit www.lifeatwork.my.

* This article originally appeared in the Malay Mail on 24 June 2019.

The LIFE AT WORK Awards is the most comprehensive Diversity & Inclusion award framework in Malaysia. It recognises organisations that have championed the Diversity & Inclusion agenda. For more information, visit https://lifeatwork.my