05 Apr 2016 12:02:39 PM

Nestlé's CEO finds KL thriving and fast-paced

CEO and Region Head of Nestlé Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, Alois Hofbauer is no stranger to relocating for work purposes. His two-decades with Nestlé has seen him move from Austria to cities like Hong Kong, Tianjin, Beijing, Taipei, Sri Lanka and finally Kuala Lumpur.
For this CEO whose career started in Austria over twenty years ago, the difference between Europe and countries like Malaysia is a key pull for foreign talent.  European markets seem to hold less promise currently while the Asian markets, particularly in South East Asia, are optimistic on making the economy stronger than ever.

“Have you heard of that famous song, ‘Yesterday Once More’? It relays a sense of nostalgia that the world used to be a better place in the past, which I think is a prevalent feeling in many European markets.” 
In Asia, however, the focus is on the future; there’s a firm belief that tomorrow will be a better day."
"That’s what I enjoy; the positive outlook towards the future, and the constant drive to improve and create something better. I’ve witnessed this particular trait across all the places I’ve been in Asia, and now in Malaysia too, which I enjoy a lot,” he shares.
The Move
Alois's move to Malaysia was made easier with TalentCorp's assistance and its Residence Pass-Talent (RP-T) programme. He feels that the programme has given Malaysia greater visibility and an edge which sets the country apart from its regional peers such as Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong. 

“It makes it easier for high-calibre professional expatriate talent to settle into life here by taking away complications that you might experience such as applying for visas or renewing work permits — it’s a burden off your shoulders!”
Life in Malaysia
While many would find it challenging to be constantly on the move and having to adapt to a a new environment each time one moves, the transition was smoother for Alois thanks to Kuala Lumpur’s multi-cultural setting and rapid development. 

“After living in several places around Asia, I actually found settling into Malaysia relatively easy. Kuala Lumpur is a truly international city that is not lacking of anything. English is widely spoken, which makes it easy to get by in the beginning. The supermarkets even carry foreign products in addition to local items, and schooling for your children is fantastic too.” 

He finds the rapid pace of development in Kuala Lumpur to be “refreshing compared to Europe where the rate of development and change” is much slower. 
Life never stops in Kuala Lumpur. The city’s developing rapidly and you see signs of progress like new buildings coming up everywhere.”
* Extracted from an interview that was first published in Expatriate Lifestyle, April 2014.


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