06 Mar 2017 12:30:15 AM

Australian-educated engineer chooses home after 7 years abroad

It is not easy to land an opportunity to work aboard, but to Emerio Malaysia's Project Manager, Nelson Gerard, there is no dream job worthy of separating him from his family in Malaysia. He made up his mind to move back to Malaysia after 7 years of working in Australia, and immediately applied for a position at the NTT communications company.
"To me, it is rather simple, what do you value more? Your family? Your friends? Malaysian food? Perhaps better quality of living?" said Nelson.
If you are a good and hardworking person, determined and motivated, you will succeed no matter where you go."
He added that to him, the location and the job are only support mechanisms to thrust one's career ahead.
Nelson admitted that most people tend to assume that being able to work in a company in a more developed country is more rewarding and impressive than being based in Malaysia. In reality, there are many multinational companies in Malaysia that offer similar professional roles, if not more satisfying.
I have seen many of my peers and fellow postgraduates moving to Australia or another country, trying to penetrate the job market and fail even after trying continuously for a few years."
As a result, professional Malaysians often end up in positions that are below their actual professional calibre. For example, many engineers and lawyers who live overseas typically find themselves working as technicians and administrators.

Nelson feels that overseas expert Malaysians should look forward to coming home for better employment opportunities.
"Companies in Malaysia are actively seeking experienced professionals who are able to adopt best practices from abroad, instill new ideas and perspectives, implement efficiency improvements, while still understanding the local culture, way of life and language to better deliver projects, increase sales and turn that bottom line from red to green."

His advice to Malaysians abroad considering a move home? 
Malaysia is a land of opportunity and filled with potential if you are open and up for it. My advice, grab the bull by the horns and be ready for the ride it's going to take you on."


After 7 years of living and working in Australia, Nelson returned to Malaysia in November 2016. He is a successful applicant of TalentCorp's Returning Expert Programme (REP), an initiative which helps facilitate the return home of professional Malaysians working abroad.

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