01 Feb 2016 09:32:00 AM

Making the right impression is important, says Sunway's Senior Manager

“Employers are always looking for those with relevant experience and attitude to perform the work,” explained Tan Bee Ling, Senior Manager of Sunway’s Finance Shared Services Centre. She shares her experience hiring women on career breaks and insights on what they can do to improve their applications and interviews. 
What Is On Paper Is Important
One of the most important initial impressions when applying for a job is the resumé. Companies read through thousands of applications, and a resumé that clearly shows how well you match the job criteria is crucial. For someone making a return to the workforce, it is also important to be able to show that even though you were not working full time, you did something with your time, be it on part-time basis or volunteer work. This commitment shows that you are still keen to contribute and is very appealing to employers.

Bee Ling shares why the woman she hired recently – a mother of two who was on a career break – was appealing. 
Her resumé was comprehensive and met the criteria that we were looking for in the position. This included experience in similar roles, an ability to meet deadline and determination. We could see from her resumé that although she has left the workforce, she continued to work part-time which showed her dedication to work.”
Making A Lasting Impression Face-to-Face
While a strong resumé may be able to get you through job interviews, the next challenge is leaving a positive impression at the interview. During interviews, calmly overcome obstacles that may arise during the process and always impress upon the interviewer your desire and passion to work. Remember to always be friendly and likeable as you will inevitably be working with other people.

“…We felt that she could fit in our team. We have interviewed many returnees and retirees, and do not see this as an issue. She was a single mother but demonstrated that she could perform the job. She also stays in Rawang which is a far commute but she was dedicated. To support her, we are helping her look for housing so she can be closer to work.”
Stay Focus On The Goal
For women returning to the workforce, there are additional concerns that they have to consider. For example, because of the gap in their career, they should not expect to return to their last held positions, especially if it were senior posts, as most employers prefer candidates with more recent experience. This should not dissuade you. Many women have returned to work and moved up the career ladder to the position that they initially wanted.

“Employers are always looking for a good fit. This includes relevant experience and attitude to perform the work. Also, women who have left the workforce need to be open-minded that they may not get the job they want straight away, but they will get to where they want to be eventually.”


Did you know that employers who hire women on career breaks are eligible for incentives and grants? 

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