20 Jul 2016 02:59:51 PM

The way forward with ICT

PETRONAS ICT, a subsidiary of PETRONAS, provides workplace and enterprise architecture, solutions & support for the Fortune Global 500 giant in 65 countries, servicing over 51,000 employees worldwide. As its CEO, Redza Goh is aware of the importance of information, communication and technology (ICT) professionals. These professionals have become an integral part of the growth and stability of the company, introducing new technology and ICT related solutions.
"Regardless of the economic outlook, PETRONAS will still continue to operate…we are expected to continue to deliver ICT services."

Therefore, there is a stable demand for qualified and capable ICT professionals. In order to meet industry expectations, Redza advises that all future graduates, not just ICT graduates, to be quick on their feet and be ready to work hard. 
The people we hire must possess certain characteristics, such as strong academic results, they must be articulate, they must be fast learners and definitely need to be hardworking. There is clearly no short cut to success."
In his interview with BFM, Redza also shared about PETRONAS’ existing talent programmes. He sees the Young Graduates Programme as the key to building the company’s talent base, while the Future Leaders Programme helps identify successors for crucial roles within the organisation.

"I feel that the Graduates Programme gives us a really strong base to build on. Since December 2014 until September 2015, I have hired more than 150 new graduates."

"I reinvigorated the Future Leaders Programme to find top talent, where we identify 25 people who are potential successors for critical roles in Petronas ICT, and we developed an 18-month programme to prepare them for the roles they could be taking on."
Listen to the full podcast to find out more about Redza Goh’s insights into the ICT industry and his role in PETRONAS ICT.