13 Apr 2016 08:58:33 PM

Talents need to be more flexible and adaptable, says Digi’s CEO

As the first Malaysian to lead Digi, Albern Murty, the current CEO of Digi.com Bhd and Digi Telecommunications, came on board just as the telecommunications sector started to shift from an infrastructure-focused business to one that is consumer-driven and price-sensitive. 
With increasing connectivity in the region, Albern shares with BFM how talent demands have changed and why the industry needs more than just engineers.  This shift to online activity has opened up exciting new opportunities particularly in consumer-related business.
It’s not just telecommunications anymore. Because of the online capabilities, we’re going to be working on digital lifestyle and connectivity. So there will be openings for engineers, marketers and even consumer behaviour analysts.”
With the telecommunications industry now offering a myriad of choices to the customers - a reflection of the advances made in technology here in Malaysia - Albern feels that the upcoming challenge will be to make the industry a very exciting place to be. 

Therefore talents need to be flexible and adaptable. Albern noted that companies will be looking for exceptional talent with different qualifications who can understand what customers want from the new options available, build new programmes to best suit those needs and continue innovating to keep improving service.
We are entering such a new era for telecommunications that we need to start employing new talent in terms of what they can bring to the table in the way of outside perspective.”
Listen to the full podcast to find out more about Albern Murty's discussion on how talent demands have changed and why the industry needs more than just engineers.