11 Aug 2016 03:37:41 PM

Return of the working mother: Preparing for the Career Fair

This 24 August, TalentCorp will be organising a Career Comeback Networking and Job Fair for women who want to return to the workforce.

Career fair. The phrase can sound slightly intimidating for mothers who have left the professional scene for quite some time. Although returning from a career break can be difficult, it is something that is not impossible. If resuming your career will boost your self-esteem, confidence, and make you happier, then why not do it? The saying goes happy wife, happy life after all. It is all right if you are feeling nervous, or not sure where to start, because today we will be discussing four simple tips to get you ahead of the game.   
Be Confident With Your Core Skills
Employers are always on the lookout for talents with various soft skills including leadership, language, and sales ability. Use to your advantage the fact that you have the working experience as well as the new developed skills of motherhood such as multitasking and of course, all that patience when it comes to being a parent.
Networking Is Key
Making connections is always the best way to open yourself to new opportunities. Take the chance to talk to various companies, perhaps even your old boss. Put yourself out there and let them know that you are ready and available for work. 
Bring Extra Copies Of Your Résumé
We can never be certain of what a potential employer is looking for, as it may not be limited only to your experiences. Simple things such a research you have done, or a certain hobby or interest can attract employers to hire. Don’t be shy and be sure to drop off those extra copies of your résumés. There is nothing for you to lose. 
Dress To Impress
If you find yourself running your fingers down that suit you used to wear from nine to five, now is the time for you to get it out of the closet and put it to use again. Reconnect with your inner career woman with clothes that will boost your confidence. First impressions are always important, so be sure to leave a good one. 
Keep these four tips with you, and make your mark at our Career Comeback Networking and Job Fair on 24 August. Specially tailored for women who are looking to return to the workforce, take this chance to meet with employers and ask questions when it comes to balancing motherhood and your career. Register today to find out more


The Career Comeback Programme offers professional women the opportunity to relaunch their career after a long hiatus.

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