23 Mar 2016 01:34:25 PM

8 reasons to sign up for the Semester Break Programme!

Targetted at Malaysian students studying abroad who are home for the holidays, the Semester Break Programme comprises Corporate Leaders Sessions, Field Trips and Industry Insights. Designed to introduce students to Malaysia's key economic sectors, the programme offers meet-and-learn sessions with industry leaders as well as site visits to iconic infrastructure projects. 

Find out why you should sign up for all or any of the SBP sessions!
1) Make your break worthwhile
Even though students are on their semester break, they should make the most out of their time to help them prepare for the future. By joining all or any of the SBP sessions (Field Trips, Corporate Leaders Sessions and Industry Insights), students not only make every second of their time count but will also possibly walk away with new insights and ideas for their career growth.
2) Pick up new perspectives and innovative ideas
Through this programme, students have the opportunity to not only apply what they have learned in university, but to also be able to exchange ideas with employers and even peers. This exchange of ideas help students to expand their horizons and apply their knowledge in new ways, which will better prepare them for the workforce.
3) On-site access to Malaysia’s leading companies
Students will also have the opportunity to gain entry to the offices of Malaysia’s leading organisations and find out what it is like to work with these employers. It will be an exclusive opportunity for students to see what it’s like to work in the offices of some of Malaysia’s leading companies.
4) Get to meet prominent corporate leaders in person
At the SBP’s Corporate Leaders Sessions, students get the chance to interview and talk to prominent C-suite personalities. Students will have the opportunity to ask these corporate leaders about their personal experiences and journeys to success. Participating corporate leaders from previous sessions include Tan Sri Tony Fernandes (AirAsia), Dato’ Sri Nazir Razak (CIMB Group), Datuk Shahril Ridza Ridzuan (EPF) and Alois Hofbauer (Nestle).
5) Gain valuable industry insights from top firms
Students are able to learn more about the industry and what top employers want from today’s graduates, especially desired necessary skill sets, characteristics or attitudes. This helps students to have a clearer picture of what is it like to work in Malaysia’s priority sectors and to better navigate the path to success.
6) A chance for an internship placement at leading companies
By participating in any of the SBP sessions, students may also secure an internship placement with Malaysia’s top employers. Participating employers from previous SBP sessions who eventually hired interns through the programme include KPMG, IBM, Maybank, RHB, AIG, Accenture and BCG. 
7) First-hand experience at some of Malaysia’s iconic infrastructural projects
One of the best thing about the programme is that students are able to sign up for one-day site visits to Malaysia’s leading companies and their key projects. These tours allow students to have a first-hand experience in visiting Malaysia’s iconic infrastructure projects which are not open to the public such as Gamuda’s MRT Tunnel project.
8) Valuable experience for your future
By participating in the SBP, students will have the opportunity to enhance their employability and ultimately set the groundwork for their first foray into the working world. They will gain a better understanding of what is needed in terms of experience, skill sets and knowledge by the industry and employers, allowing them to get a head start on their path to success.


Are you an overseas Malaysian student who is currently on your semester break? If you are, then join all or any of the Semester Break Programme sessions to help give you an extra edge! 

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